5 Genuine Ways How to Make Money Online Legitimately (on the Side) in 2019

This is the ultimate guide on how to make money online, with no up-sells.

If people tell you that you can’t make it, or if they cannot do it or don’t know how to, that is what they believe to be true.

It’s their reality. It shouldn’t be yours.

Here’s the deal:

100 years ago the industrial revolution brought people together to do something.

There was a need for a hierarchy and all the power used to be in the hands of the big companies.

Information technology changed all that, because it has minimized the communication and transaction costs.

It gets better:

Today, you can literally build an audience around any online platform you like the most and egage with them.

That’s what so great about the Internet era.

Things that weren’t possible 15 years ago now enable you to become financially free.

No matter what financial freedom means to you, the ways you can make extra money are super exciting.

Want to know the best part?

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop.

Maybe you are constantly thinking about side business ideas but you have no idea where to start.

In this article you’ll learn about five ways to make money online with integrity.

5 Most Genuine Ways to Make Money Online (on the Side) Today

There are more than 300+ ways to make extra money in your spare time, but too much information can lead to procrastination.

Instead, let’s focus on five very effective and legitimate ways of making extra income in the shortest time possible.

They are in no particular order.

The first ones are not the best, and the last ones mentioned are not the best, either.

All you have to do is choose which will be the best fit for you.

Let’s start at number one.

  1. Build a Niche Blog (or Website) and Use Affiliate Marketing

The technology today makes selling information online relatively easy.

You just have to create something that provides value.

There are a few things that experts don’t tell you about making money online.

But, aside from that, blogging is an incredible platform for sharing your ideas, connecting with people and growing an audience.

Just, keep in perspective that a blog, having a podcast, or promoting yourself on any social media platform, isn’t a business.

It’s a tool for building influence and attention.

You have to create attention first, before you sell your own information products, like an ebook, or create an online course on sites like Teachable and establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise.

When you have a big enough audience, then you can reach out to them with a specific offer or a piece of content, an affiliate promotion, product reviews or a service.

Until then, though, it’s about providing valuable information to people so that with time, you become someone who is worth following and listening to.

You can also charge sponsors money to advertise products and services to the readers of your website, or create a membership site, assuming there is an audience that the sponsors benefit from advertising to, and vice versa.

There are a lot of excellent sites that discuss in detail how to start a blog on the side and make money like ProBlogger, Startbloggingonline, WebsiteSetup, Elite Blog Academy, Create and Go, etc., providing a lot of helpful information on the topic.

Each site makes a great starting point for the curious newbie, or for anyone who thinks, “Why would someone wanna read my stuff!?”

There are other, more insightful blogs on the topic of blogging like Blog Tyrant, that discuss all the how-to of blogging, providing a lot of practical information.

The possibilities to start a profitable side business and legitimately make money online are endless.

  1. Build a Profitable Niche Site

There is almost no difference between a blog and a niche site.

At least, not with how people make money from those types of businesses.

It just depends on what you choose to call them.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of.

While they aren’t too different, they aren’t necessarily too similar, either.

The sites that are known as blogs are heavily tied to the influencers who created the site.

From an online marketing perspective, personal blogs are more difficult to scale, because you have to write most of the content yourself.

Some excellent examples are Tim Ferriss’s, or Mark Manson’s blog.

You’re building your personal brand through personalized content on a topic you’re familiar with.

People sign in to read what you have to say, so you can’t just outsource the content, otherwise the blog loses authenticity.

With a niche site, it’s a little bit different.

The readers choose to read and follow that site because they like its content.

They are not interested in the site’s mission and the founder’s beliefs.

A very good example of such a site is The Wirecutter, because most of it’s readers don’t even know that it was founded by Brian Lam, which was acquired by The New York Times Company for more than US$30 million, in October 2016.

You aren’t the main attraction; the products, information and reviews are instead.

The trick here is that you don’t have to write the content yourself; you can hire writers to create written content for you.

You can find them on sites like TextBroker, Content Builders, or Fiverr.

There’s no fear of being caught out for not being yourself, as nobody knows who that is in the first place, essentially.

Also, with niche websites you have more freedom with how to promote it and what advertising and marketing strategies you can use.

A personalized blog is far less versatile in terms of how you work it.

Everything has to be tied to the brand and your overall message.

A blog promoting vegan meals isn’t going to look good if the author, a staunch vegan, starts accepting money for an ad space from a company that sells grass-fed beef.

Maybe you’re wondering if you should build a blog or a niche site?

The answer is quite simple.

It all depends what you’re more comfortable with:

  • Put your head above the line and make a stance, or go with the flow.
  • Challenge commonly held opinions, or help reinforce them.
  • Make yourself the main attraction, or use anonymous product knowledge.

If you’re more comfortable operating from behind, and coordinating others while growing your site, create a niche site.

If you’re ok with the idea of writing your own content on a topic you’re really familiar with, go with the blog business model.

  1. Self Publish a Kindle ebook on Amazon

This is one of the easiest side business models to start with, because the concept is simple and has the shortest learning curve.

You create an eBook on a specific, well-researched niche, and self-publish it on Amazon KDP platform.

It’s not like back in the day when you needed a friend in a publishing office, a ludicrous slice of luck or the ability to keep getting rejected.

Tim Ferriss was turned down by 26 publishers before he managed to publish his first book, which later became a bestseller and one of the most influential books for aspiring entrepreneurs and for anyone who is searching for a better quality lifestyle.

If you like the idea of writing a book, or books, go ahead and learn how to self publish your first ebook on Amazon.

Whether that book is an informational guide, a self-help book or a fictional piece, you will find that it’s the perfect way to start making online income.

  1. Become an Influencer in Your Industry

If you’re good at something and are thrilled teaching others what you do, you might enjoy the life of a paid consultant.

If you feel like your knowledge, commitment and passion to achievement in a certain industry means you could help others, why not?

You can offer coaching services through your blog or your website and position yourself as an authority in your field of expertise.

It’s very easily done; it’s not like back in the day, when you would need all manner of tools to be a consultant, or a coach.

As long as you can talk to people via a video call, you can be a coach from anywhere in the world.

If you lack inspiration, read Matt Anton’s story, about how he reinvented himself in the space of social media and digital advertising.

Your hourly pay rates will depend on your expertise and what problems you help solve.

For example, coaching someone on how to play guitar might give you a wider scope to find students, but it likely won’t bring in the same income as a life or a business strategist.

In terms of getting started, it’s super simple.

Your main currency is your own voice; it’s like having your own podcast, Instagram account, or YouTube channel.

You can start a YouTube channel or a podcast by sharing information people will be interested in.

If you like video and feel comfortable infront of the camera, this is an amazing opportunity, because according to Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2016-2021, all of the world’s internet traffic will be 82 percent video, by 2021.

Do this for long enough, and you can be in the perfect position to market yourself as an expert in your chosen niche.

If you decide to do this, you also want to future-proof yourself in case your social media account is deleted or taken down.

As paranoid as that might sound, rules and regulations can be quite a strangling part of the process.

People have lost a well-earned income stream simply because someone at YouTube believed they failed editorial policy; don’t allow yourself to be held ransom in the same way.

To counter this, the best way is by establishing your online presence by creating a website that you control.

As long as you are happy to build it up slowly and play the game as you grow your audience, this is the right approach in the long-term.

When you have enough followers, other people and companies will be willing to pay you to promote their products and services on your social media account.

Then you can partner with companies like AdRev and maximize your ad revenue from your content, or send that traffic where you want it and get paid for that.

The earning potential is just as satisfying as the potential to help people and make a positive impact on others’ lives.

If you follow and implement strategies that have worked for others, your chances of creating an amazingly successful social media account will increase exponentially.

  1. Start an Ecommerce Business From Scratch

The other option that is very much worth your time and consideration is starting up your own ecommerce business.

The future is bright for eCommerce.

If you’re the type of person who is interested in selling physical products online, or doing product arbitrage, or want to create your own products and then sell them on sites like Shopify, go for it.

There is already a lot of quality information out there related to ecommerce type of business, so check out the links below, that will point you to the sites and blogs with amazing content on the topic:

Shopify Blog
Probably the best place on the Internet for resources on everything related to ecommerce. Shopify is a fantastic starting point, and offers you the groundwork and frame needed to start building a successful side business for yourself.

Dropship Lifestyle
If you want to learn what drop-shipping is and how you can earn money by doing this type of business, this is the best place to start. Drop-shipping has immense potential and has become a hugely popular form of business sales for a good reason; definitely worth your time and consideration.

How to find a profitable product to sell, Amazon FBA, private label products, importing products from China, sales & marketing, and a lot more. They have it all covered!

If you already have an online store and want to grow it to 7-figures and beyond, they are the best in their field. A great starting point for anyone who is serious about going big when it comes to ecommerce, in my opinion.

Wholesale Ted is another great place if you want to learn more how to start your own online ecommerce business from scratch.

If selling on eBay is something that excites you and you see yourself doing it, check out Raiken Profit, or 10K on the Bay YouTube channels.

Final Thoughts

Before you get too excited or carried away with all the possibilities, a word of caution.

If you are going to jump from one strategy to another, you won’t achieve much.

You need to choose one strategy that you like and believe you would excel at.

Focus on it, master it and stick with it until you have some success.

Failure will usually come before success, but use failure to help you fuel your desire.

When you master one strategy, you can repeat and duplicate those principles across several others.

This allows you to use what you learn each time to make your next entrepreneurial move more likely to succeed.

If you’re new to all this or are still struggling, focus on building niche site, because it has the shortest learning curve.

Learn from useful resources related to your particular area of interest, and within a year from now, you can create an online business that will enable you to start living a good life.

It’s time to build something.

Your greatest credential in this new era is your output of information.

Proof of your skills and practical knowledge.

A blog, a website, a YouTube channel, or become a a freelance writer and get paid $200 – $1K per post.

It’s time to build a cool stuff and showcase it. It’s time to start learning and get things done.

Nothing suggested in this article is beyond anyone with the right commitment, determination and positivity.

As long as you are able to remain in good health, with an enduring wish to persevere, you can make it.

.  .  .

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this page and help others find it.