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Affiliate marketing is a widely used practice and some of the biggest brands on the planet use it. This includes the likes of Amazon.

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Earnings disclaimer

The results we discuss aren’t always typical, whether it be examples of how much you could earn or how much traffic you could get.

There’s no guarantee that just because we did really well, that you will achieve the same. For all we know, you could do even better.

There are a lot of personal factors that could be a factor, which we cannot be held accountable for.

But in most cases you won’t – let’s face it, most people just give up and don’t give tactics, systems or processes the time or attention they need to get results.

Just because you haven’t been able to replicate something doesn’t mean it isn’t going to work and it’s a load of hog wash. It means you need to look at it a different way and work smarter.

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